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The workshops are an interdisciplinary compendium, resulting from a long research with dancers and actors, including elements and principles of several theatre techniques, languages and styles. Modern Cuban Dance, Contemporary Dance, Kathakali Dance Theatre, Ballet (Cuban Ballet School), certain elements of far eastern theatre, gestures and facial expressions, rituality, vocal technique, improvisation, handling of objects, masks and puppets, etc.

Workshop 1
Modern Cuban Dance. Dance-Theatre
A creative space introducing the student to the fascinating world of Modern Cuban Dance, with a very personal approach emphasizing theatricality, as well as aspects and principles of oriental dance.

Workshop 2
Contemporary Dance-technique-Improvisation-Montage
Prepares the student to obtain body control. Ground technique and work in space (partial and total). Partnering, groups, improvisation (guided and free), theatricality of movement, relationship with elements of Kathakali, text and movement, montage process.

Workshop 3
Whisper of the Tree - Vocal Dance training Composition
This workshop aims at obtaining through a special training a close, logical, harmonious and organic relationship between voice and body under ordinary conditions,
extraordinary/strange conditions and while dancing.
Emphasis on breathing techniques, pranayamas, vocalization, choral work with harmonious text, extraverbal language, text and movement, text and dance, dramaturgy of text and movement, textual images and physical images. Montage and creativity exercises.

Workshop 4
Recovered Alchemy
This workshop recovers and consolidates the knowledge
and experiences of the earlier workshops. We work directly on the search of personality and spirit as a way to understand, interprete and communicate through our bodies.
This activity can be seen as a initial path where we look for the intimate experience related to the mystery of movement in harmony, and its dependence on the discovery of the body as receptor not only of its surroundings, but of the inner and spiritual self.

Every workshop can be adapted to different levels, beginners, medium level, advanced students.

Other Workshops:
Physical training for actors.

Acting technics for dancers and ballet students.

Neo-classic-modern choreography for ballet students.

Costume-body research (creation and use of costumes in performance-process)

Aladin's Workshop: work with recycle material, scenography,
construction of objects and puppets, open and traditional space, performance.
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